Ophiaca's Resin Realm

Trying to overcome the complications and the catches

Hi there, fellow BJD-friend!

This is a journal for my little resin folk. They've slowly but effectively taken over my life, and I talk about and show them here, which most of them appreciate, divas that they are. ~_°

The BJD-hobby found me several years back when I was beginning to become frustrated with the limits of fashion-doll customizing and finding I tended to go for the bigger dolls. BJDs I found had a much broader spectrum, they could pose much better, one could customize them as much or little as one liked. And most of all: They had characters and stories, you just had to discover them.

Photography is something I discovered in my early teens, long-term borrowing a film SLR from my dad, later switching to a compact digital and now to a DSLR. My main focus has always been to create photos that I'm happy with and not burden myself with too much technique or rules, though I know I need to know some of that at least.

My journal is now friends only, but I love to meet new BJD people! So if you want to friend me, please comment at the topmost entry first (comments are screened) and I'll add you to my friends list. Maybe I'm funny in that way, but I'd like to know who reads my entries, so please say hello and comment just once in a while so I can get to know you. ^^

These are my Ophites, more or less in order of arrival:

Hima Manaskin (Happydoll Arthur)
Lorcàn (CP Delf El)
Tsukiko (Elfdoll Soah)
Katana (43cm 3/4 closed eyes Narae)
Khoonbish Ilmol (DollTi D)
Severin Desmodeus (Dollshe Bermann)
Gideon S. Lexington (Dollshe v1 SA Saint) - heavily inspired by Mark Lanegan <3
Albrún (Limhwa Halfelf)
Vecuvia Macri (Domuya Fin)
Layne Unruh (DIM Robel on Dollstown 13 girlbody)
Jeong Do-Yeon (Elfdoll Doona Little Ryung)
Tiberius StGireaud (Luts Senior Delf Howl)
Jeremy 'Zimbo' Zimmerman (Soom MD Chrom - human)
Noh Yong-Joon 'Drake' (Soom MD Sphaler)
Brandon M. Logan (Iplehouse Tedros)
Ingvild (Tinybear Tiny Mina)
Hjördis (Tinybear Coco)
Emiko (Soom MD Appini)
Reid MacKinnon (Zaoll Muse)
Ophir St Gireaud - (Volks F16, longleg SD13)
Chander Tove Sorenson - (Lati Yellow Sp. Momo)
Zephron Walden Bligh - (Souldoll Vito Lester)
Harper Ndila Denton - (Iplehouse Ashanti)
Tagus St Gireaud - (Fairyland Littlefée Shiwoo)
Henry Lee Denton (Iplehouse Kamau)
Gabby - (Fairyland Pukifée Zoe)
Xochiyotl Logan - (Iplehouse Erzulie)
Jae-Min Oh (Iplehouse Barahan)
Taimi Satu (Fairyland Realpuki Pupu on Pukipuki body)
Hayes Mutua Denton (Iplehouse Taregan)
Tangoch (Resinsoul Bei)
Cassia Sorenson (Blossom Doll Iris)
Nani (Volks SD10 Megu)
Quinn Donegal (Soom ID Dover)
Titus Montague Lovejoy (Transcend*B Smm 1-n on F-Doll body)
Moué (Blossom Doll Olanda)
Evelyn Bytheway (Migidoll vampire Miho on DIM body)
Padiel (Soom ID Zinc Blonde Demon)
Nilofer (Souldoll YeonBee)
Cameron Tuohy (43 Dragonfly Narin)
--- (43 classic Narae)
Leokadia (Oasisdoll Naomi)
--- (Soom Fairylegend Aenigma)