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What this is all about

Posted [sticky post] on 2037.12.31 at 00:00
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I play with dolls. (asian ball-joint dolls, to be precise)
I take photos.
I invent stories and characters.
As a result you'll find here:

  • mainly: rambling about dolls

  • and: photos of dolls

  • too seldom: photo stories with dolls

  • frequently: photos and gushing about our cats

  • occasionally: rambling about real life or fandom

  • rarely, if ever: photos without dolls

In my profile you can find a list of the dolls I currently own and their names. I usually tag photo entries according to the company and molds in case you look for a particular doll.
My journal is friends only, mainly because of comment spamming and phototheft, but I LOVE to meet new BJD people! So if you want to friend me, please comment here so I know who you are (comments are screened) and I'll add you to my friends list.

I have filters for general, fanfic (hardly aver used atm) or dollery-related posts, though often my entries are of mixed content. But if you'd rather be included in only one of these filters please say so here. If you don't specify a filter I'll add you where I think you'd fit best. ;)

Unfortunately I am always in short supply of time, so I can write not nearly as much entries or comment as much as I'd love to. But I try! Please take no offense, my erratic commenting is just due to lack of time. I currently have an extremely taxing job that leaves me drained and tired of communicating. Still, I will always reply to a comment, even to an old entry!
I enjoy your journals, I wish I had more time to spend with you people, I really do. :-/

<3 Ophiaca

emi + tesla blanket

Another sad post

Posted on 2015.08.21 at 00:03
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I'm tired of posting more sad news here, but I find it necessary to spread the word. Please feel free to repost or link to this entry.

Conor ATB - please read if you&apos;re a breeder

In January, three months after the loss of our beloved tom-cat Tesla, we welcomed a new kitten into our home. Lively, playful, cuddly, clownish Conor conquered our hearts. He filled our home with joy and life again. Unfortunately, for Emi it wasn't love on first sight, but slowly she accepted him.

First we thought he was simply a bit clumsy, but when he was seven months old, going on eight, it became evident he had increasing problems controlling his hind legs. It developed fast then, while we went from vet to vet to clinic with him he lost more and more control of his limbs. He could sit up for a short while, but strength faded quickly. In the end he couldn't even lift his head anymore. In the clinic they finally diagnosed him with Devon Rex Myopathy. It's a hereditary disease that weakens the muscles more and more. Extremely few kittens survive and recover a bit. After the clinic we had him at home for a few days, prepared to care for him even if he remained partly paralyzed, but it wasn't meant to be. He succumbed to the disease on June 8th. It's more than two months ago now, I can talk about it now, but it's still painful.

I'm not fishing for sympathy, the reason why I post this here is to make it public. This didn't have to happen, no Devon Rex kitten has to die painfully. It is known that this is a disease unique to Devon Rex, there are tests to determine if a cat carries the gene BEFORE breeding. If you want to get a Devon Rex, talk to the breeder about the diseases. If you know a breeder, make them aware that it is still around. Help to prevent more heartbreak and suffering.

We have talked to Conor's breeder, she was shocked. She'd been breeding Devon Rex for many years and had never encountered the disease. She neutered his mother at once and contacted the owner of his father too. She will use the test now. Here in Europe the disease was believed to have been eliminated, but somewhere a carrier must have gone unnoticed and passed on the gene and it is back again.

emi + tesla blanket


Posted on 2014.11.08 at 14:54
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So how to pick up after an entry like the last one... How to pick up after something like that happens... That entry was kind of an outcry, raging against the injustice and cruelty of fate. I wasn't able to deal with comments then, that's why I switched them off.

After two weeks now the pain may be less acute, but it comes and goes in waves and the grief remains. I miss him like an amputated limb. I guess only people who own and love a pet can relate. But life goes on, and in a way that is good, because it keeps your mind occupied. I've been writing in my journal (book, not online), everything that comes to my mind about our Tesla. It helps, because it shifts the focus away from his last days to the 3 1/2 years full of joy and love he shared with us.

And then there's still our Emiko, his sister, suddenly alone now. She misses her brother, has no-one to play with, and can't suffer being alone. She has always been the active and playful one of the two, and now she throws all her energy onto us. She demands we play with her and is very vocal about that. She helps us not to despair. And because we have to take care of her and think of what's best for her, we have decided to find a friend for her. We have always found it cruel to keep a single cat in an apartment, and more so with an active and social breed like Devon Rex, that's why we got two in the first place. So this helps us to look ahead, and although we will never forgot our gentle tomcat, finding a new cat fills us with tentative excitement. We're not simply replacing him, because he'll always stay with us in our hearts, it's more like getting a third cat.

I'm also finding joy again in my hobbies. Next time I'll have dolly-things to tell. I haven't been posting here in a while, so there's much to tell.
I hope you're all having a good weekend. Take care, flisters, and cuddle your pets.


Farewell, my gentle friend

Posted on 2014.10.28 at 15:08
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Posted on 2014.06.14 at 21:49
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I have deleted my Flickr account with BJD photos.
I found it already impossible that in order to keep an years-old account there you are forced to open a Yahoo-account that you don't want nor need otherwise. But in order to get this account you are forced to give them your mobile phone number, and that really takes the cake. They try to sell it as a feature to ensure safety in case of password loss, which I don't believe for an instant, not in an age where companies live on the data they collect and sell. To me one or two alternative email addresses is totally sufficient as a safety precaution. My mobile phone number in the hands of an internet company and the plethora of possibilities of spying and data storage in a foreign country to me aren't safe at all. And their total lack of an alternative for people who don't own a mobile phone is unacceptable. They honestly suggested to me to ask a friend of mine to use their mobile phone  - now where's the safety in that?!
So, I asked them to delete my account. I have a photobucket account, so I'm pushing photos there at the moment. In case you want to look, here's a link. Not much there yet, but I'm going to use it more in the future.
For my more artistic photos I've opened a DA account, but there's nothing there yet. It's taking up more time than I have.
Enough text, here's a bit of eye food, an old photo I found when I was looking for photos to shove over to Photobucket:

This was part of a little photo story I constructed years ago around the Virgin Prunes song 'Pagan Love Song'. Ghostly Bermann is still with me of course, but the Dollmore Dean has left long ago. That was
2007, man, time flies...
Have a nice weekend, flist!



Posted on 2014.05.30 at 23:39
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Last week we held our bi-yearly minimeet with the lovely lyndwyrm and niamhmcroth. I am really proud of how disciplined we worked on our BJDs and how much we achieved in these few days. We managed to produce several faceups, photos, tattoos and maintenance work, and apart from that also consumed yummy food and watched yummy films. No wonder time flew! XD
Thanks for the good time, girls! <3

For all photos taken by the three of us come and have a look here, there are a bunch more lovely faces!

But here are some of the photos I took:

That's my Harper together with Lyndwyrm's Marella, both Iplehouse SID Ashantis. Marella was Harper 1.0, but Lyndwyrm was so sweet to adopt her, and I could get Harper 2.0 in dark tan. And my has she changed, she looks so different now as Marella!

Another one of the two beauties:

And here's a couple I adore, Niammcroth's Heron (a tan Spiritdoll Keltis) and Lyndwyrm's Valletta (Iplehouse SID Asa)

They're living in the 1900's so I chose a sepia filter to add some spirit of the time. :)

But here's one where you can see the beautiful faceups and outfits better:

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend everybody!


De-yellowing normal and French resin - a not so small success (beware lots of text & pix)

Posted on 2014.03.27 at 23:47
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Last year I bought a Customhouse Sia on the DoA MP. Unfortunately it turned out that she had partially yellowed heavily, while other parts were still pink. From the look of it she caught too much light while sitting around in a dress. She also arrived with two broken fingers, poor thing. (The seller offered a refund right away, so no hard feelings.)
I took this photo when she arrived. I've cranked up the saturation a little to make the color difference better visible. Sadly all the important parts were yellow, like the face and the hands and lower arms.


Here follow a lot of explanations and photosCollapse )

Quite promising, huh? So guess who's soaking right now. :) It will take a few more weeks, but I think all the work is worth it.

To finish this dry post with something cute, here's a photo of the finished Sia. Her name is Iolanthe.

If you should find this useful feel free to share!


Hesitation unnecessary

Posted on 2014.01.07 at 18:26
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I don't know why, but I was apprehensive about the new NIN cd. Maybe I wasn't sure what Trent had cooked up after two very good but to me not overwhelming-like-usual cds, a side project with his wife that didn't throw me either, an instrumental cd and numerous soundtracks. But it turns out my concerns were totally ridiculous. I love it. And every time I listen to it I love it more. *happy*


I love my family...

Posted on 2013.12.29 at 18:14
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Resin, jewelery and game supplies - what else could you wish for for Christmas?! XD

Hope you all had a good holiday too and I wish you a Happy New Year!


Tanskin Iplehouse family

Posted on 2013.09.29 at 15:32
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Here's some quick shots of my Iplehouse hunks and lady. First, the Denton siblings:

fltr: Henry Lee, Harper Ndila and Hayes Mutua Denton
Henry is the eldest, and Harper is the youngest. She probably has more wits than her two brothers combined, but of course they think they have to protect her baby sister.

MutuaCollapse )

And here's Brandon, Henry's fiancé, or better his new tattoos. They're supposed to look a bit weathered, which doesn't show too well due to bad lighting.

doggie thing on bicepsCollapse )
They are souvenirs from his days helping at archaeological digs in Mexico.

Not been doing much this weekend, was floored with a migraine yesterday. It's a shame cos the weather was beautiful and I would have loved to use it for some creativity doll-wise. Now I'm still feeling a little hungover from it, so I won't be hanging around the computer too much.
Hope you are all fine! <3

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